The Ever Changing Face of Feminism

This is not a sexist article. But don’t believe me too soon.

Wrapping up formalities, let’s come straight to the point- it’s not easy, in today’s time, to voice your opinion about one gender; because it automatically portrays you anti the other one. And that basically sucks; never mind.

The better way to withstand these arguments is to be ‘outside’ of the argument (Yes, in the lawn playing with annoying neighborhood kids, is a better place to be). To walk in the candle march with blank placards, precisely.

Think about feminism. Stop thinking about ‘chivalry is dead; women are superior; men are doormats’; it was never feminism. Because that’s being anti-men, and we have a name for it: misandry.

Femisism redefined.jpg

It’s actually kinda sad that a revolution, which was aimed at empowering women to equate the powers of men (because that’s just fair), took an ugly turn and became like desperately asking for superiority and end of the male race (not even kidding). Not saying that it is the real face of it; it is not. But it has been projected in a manner that instead of being a symbol of strength, it inculcates a feeling of distaste and discomfort, and that is so not done. Being a feminist is a bad thing today. It started off so positively and now it’s so negative that let’s rather not be a feminist, and encourage equality because that is just.

What also is strange that it is being looked at like a competition, but it was never about competing. Men without women, and women without men, are like fishes without skateboards; they are just fine. Yes, they may make each other better, but they obviously cannot be useless without each other. There is no taking sides. There are no sides. It was about pushing a suppressed race (that happened to the women) forward, but at par with the privileged ones. And that is how it should stay always.


So here’s the thing- being a feminist is not dirty, but it sure will shower you with those very dirty looks and immediate judgments which you don’t want to experience. See, the world is always going to have an opinion and/or judgment about you if you express sentiments that differentiate you from a carpet. Maybe the actual motto is to do something positive, and not earning a nametag. If you want a nametag you might as well could work at McDonalds. Instead of naming a fair movement and then ruining it for nothing, let’s just believe that it is just about equality and we are no competitors. That if anyone is being treated unfair because of what gender he/she is, it will always be wrong.

Also for records, the Wikipedia definition of feminism is: the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Just saying.


At the end of it, men and women are equal. But I guess if God made anything better than a woman, he kept it for himself! 😀  😛

Told you, don’t believe me too soon. 😀

Ananya Talwar

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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