Hope: The Journey to Life Author Khemlata Negi: INTERVIEW

hope journey life author khemlata negi interview

Hope: The Journey to Life is the story of two people who are alive in a post apocalypse world. How do they manage in a world without technology? With just each other? It is an interesting story and certainly makes you wonder what inspired the author. In conversation with author Khemlata Malik, to find the answers to this and more:

What prompted you to write this book? Did you refer to some other authors too for the storyline?

My hidden desire to see the world end and then again come to life from the scratch. The idea of Apocalypse fascinates me.  As far as the question of referring other authors is concerned, I did not.

Is imagining a post apocalyptic world easy or difficult?

It was quite easy for me, since once everything made by men ends, then simple humanly things are left. Being a human, I find that close to the nature and real.

What is your writing process like? Can you give us some insight into it?

I think of the title of the book first. Therefore, the theme of the book is decided at the beginning. Then I work on the plot and the characters.

Do you have any other new projects in the pipeline?

Yes. My upcoming novel is in the process of getting published. It is expected to be published in this month itself.

What are you currently reading?

‘You can if you think you can’ by Norman Vincent Peale.

If you could have written any other book, which one would it be?

I cannot even think of any. 

Who is your favourite author and why?

My favourite author is Sidney Sheldon. It’s because it was his novel ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ that inspired me to read fiction. 

If not an author, what would you have been?

I definitely would have been a singer or a professor. 

Any advice for budding writers?

Keep reading and keep writing because Practice makes a man perfect.

You can find Khemlata’s book Hope here.

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