5 Reasons to Use Bra Size Calculator

bra size calculator india

Bra shopping is an essential affair in any woman’s life that requires a good amount of thought. The types, fabrics, styles and most importantly, sizes should be chosen carefully due to a variety of reasons. However, while it’s quite easy to navigate your way through to find your ideal type of bra and the fabric that best suits you, going around different sizes to find the right one can be a tricky situation for everyone. Tricky as it may be, you can use tools like a bra size calculator India to calculate your bra size. 

A bra size calculator India is an easy tool to use, one that can accurately tell you your bra size without too many hassles. As for why exactly this is an important step before buying bras, here are five reasons to consider:

  1. Support: As breast support is the main purpose of a bra, it is important to take this into account first and foremost. The right size bra will provide adequate support to your breast and minimise breast movement, eliminating the risk of back and shoulder pain that tends to occur as a result of wearing the wrong sized bra. Wearing the wrong size will dig the straps, hooks and buckles into your back and shoulders, leaving painful dents and scratches.
  1. Health Problems: Your bra should fit just right, not too loose and not too tight. Blood circulation in the blood area should never be restricted, and wearing a tight bra does just that. It can lead to help problems as it restricts the circulation of lymph, too. On the other hand, loose bras can cause breasts to sag prematurely.
  1. Posture: What type and size of bra you’re wearing have a major impact on your posture. Bras that stray from your ideal size cause a hunch in your shoulders which ruins the entire balance and strains your neck as well. The right bra size will provide adequate support to your breasts as well as your back and shoulders, something you’ll surely be grateful for in the long run.
  1. Confidence: Your comfort and confidence in anything you wear also depends on the bra you’re wearing. The wrong bra impacts it negatively as you feel uncomfortable in it, and it reflects in your body language and posture. When a bra fits just right, it’ll give you a flattering silhouette that will add to the appeal of every outfit, making you look and feel more confident.
  1. Cost-Effective: Buying the right sized bras will have you spending less in the long run as they will last longer. When you buy the wrong size, you are bound to get uncomfortable quicker and end up replacing them more often, spending much more when compared to buying the right size. 

The above-mentioned reasons make it absolutely obvious why using a bra size calculator India is extremely important. If you don’t already know your right size, don’t waste any more time! Enter your overbust and underbust measurements in centimetres in Zivame’s calculator and start shopping from their collection right away.

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