Is it Bangkok? A street in Europe? It’s Rome Restaurant!

Rome Restaurant

Bangkok is an ideal destination for most Indians. It is cheap, accessible and there’s loads to discover and shop. However, there are a lot of hidden gems here. On my second trip to Thailand, I discovered quite many of them. Some that I will be sharing in my upcoming blog posts. Well, one such place is the Rome Restaurant.

Rome Restaurant is not located in the center of Bangkok. Rather it is on the outskirts which makes sense. Why? Because it is an entire European city that you can discover right here in Bangkok! The Roman Colosseum, a European street, live English music and what not. Nothing about this place says Thailand.

Rome restaurant

Rome Restaurant

With Taylor Swift playing the background and tables set in a pool, it is an ideal location for Instagram worthy photos. What’s more is that you will find Roman influence aplenty even in the little things. The architecture- from statues to fountains to even the windows, you will feel like you are strolling down a street in Europe.

Rome Restaurant

Every corner of this place warrants a picture which is exactly what people do here. The employees will happily click those for you.

Another great point? The staff actually speaks quite good English as compared to the rest of the country, in general. So you won’t face a lot of issues here.

And of course, it is indeed a beautiful restaurant that serves sumptuous food though you might not find a lot of vegetarian options here. I ended up trying their potato salad, Hawaiian Pizza and Chocolate frappe.

The salad was pretty average for the Indian taste buds though it was pretty creamy. The Hawaiian Pizza on the other hand was absolutely delicious and it was my first time trying pineapple on pizza. And *wait for it*, I think pineapple goes okay on a pizza. (Please don’t kill me lol).


Rome Restaurant




Finally, I had their Chocolate Frappe which was topped with whipped cream. It was absolutely divine and is definitely a must have if you go there. The prices are a bit on the high end as it is a fine dine, so a meal like this will surely lighten your pocket by about 500 Baht.

Rome Restaurant

But wth right? You do not visit the same country over and over again, right? So go ahead, live a little!

-Mrinaal Datt

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