Yes Sir I Killed My Dad by Anuj Tikku: BOOK REVIEW

yes sir i killed my dad book review

Title: Yes Sir I Killed My Dad
Author: Anuj Tikku
Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

Blurb: The book is the story of the victim as he witnesses the unfolding drama of his Father’s Murder and the Mayhem unleashed by a bloodthirsty criminal Vijay Palande. The terror unleashed by his gang and the subsequent murder spree that rocked Mumbai during April 2012 are documented in this book as witnessed by the sole survivor. This is the story of a grieving son groping in the dark for answers and trying to make sense of the tragedy that befell him.

Review: I have previously read Blogging for old by Anuj Tikku (you can check it out here). So it was really interesting for me to sample a fictional story by him. Yes Sir I Killed My Father is a contemporary tale that revolves around an actor- Anuj Tikku. We are told that he has a complicated past- his mother passed away when he was young and he and his father struggled through this loss. The former even got addicted to drugs.

Soon, there are a series of murders and the protagonist goes missing. If you search about it, you realise that the storyline is inspired by the infamous Tikku Kakkar Double Murder Case. The storyline is extremely interesting and keeps you hooked till the end.

The writing is a bit loose and the book could have done with some more editing. But in a market which is saturated with over the top love stories, Yes Sir I Killed My Dad is a refreshing read. It is extremely interesting and you would certainly enjoy reading it.

Rating: 3/5

Price: 299 INR on Kindle and for free on Kindle Unlimited.

You can buy it from Amazon here.

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