Pink Sarees That You Will Absolutely Fall in Love With!

pink sarees

Sarees are an ultimate piece of clothing that every woman should own, at least once in her lifetime. If you love wearing sarees, you would surely be having them in a number of colours. But if your favourite colour happens to be pink, pink sarees are the best choice you can make. 

Pink sarees not only look cute but they make your overall look even more feminine. Draping a pink saree is one of the quickest ways you can assure to score the highest on the chic metre. When in doubt you must wear a pink saree because not only do they look beautiful, they also blend in on almost all occasions. 

Here are some of the best ways you can style your pink sarees and look regal.

  1. Go for a sequined blouse: If you’ve got an entirely plain pink saree, the best way to amp it up even though it has no designs on it, is to pair it with a sequined blouse. Catch up on the monotone trend by pairing your solid pink saree with a matching sequined blouse and be the heart of the party.
  1. Shine in a sequined saree: If you’re in the mood to party, a complete pink sequined saree is the ultimate choice to opt for. Because no party is complete without some shine, a sequined saree will really set you in the mood for a party. Since you don’t want to draw attention away from your dazzling number, pair this party wear with a rather solid matching blouse. 
  1. Stun in halter neck blouse: If you’re bored of wearing the same old blouse design, switch up your style while wearing your beautiful pink saree with a halter neck blouse. These blouses not only give you a bold look but also look regal at the same time. 
  1. Colour coordinate your look: Your pink saree doesn’t necessarily have to be worn with a matching pink blouse. You can experiment with your fashion by opting for a grey blouse. Everyone knows that pink and grey is the best combination that you can opt for. A grey printed blouse with intricate pink embroidery on it will look amazing with your pink saree.
  1. Hop onto the colour blocking trend: Colour blocking your saree will set you in with the current trend. You can either opt for a pink number with various other colours colour blocking or you can choose to wear the monotone and the colour blocking at the same time by opting for a pink colour block saree with different shades of pink in it. 
  1. Add to the shine with jewellery: Complete your traditional look with matching jewellery. You can opt for either pink, gold or even oxidised jewellery that will complement your pink number. 

These are the best ways to wear your pink drape. You can add on to your already beautiful look with different hair styles such as either wearing your hair down in a straight, sleek style or wearing curls or opt for the chic yet elegant updo.


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