Zoos: Life of poor animals and birds behind bars


Imagine a human being imprisoned for life; who has not committed any crime. In no time, human rights organizations would come out of nowhere and protest against it. But has anyone ever thought about the animals and birds which are put behind bars for the rest of their lives just for the purpose of entertaining humans?

Recently I visited a Zoo for the first time in my life. I was really amazed to see how people were enjoying looking at the animals caged and locked up behind bars. They seemed not to be realizing the fact that animals are meant to be free to roam around in the jungles and birds are meant to fly high in the skies.


Upon entering the zoo, the first animal I saw was a tiger and since I had seen a tiger before only on TV. I expected it to be fast, aggressive and strong but what I saw was the complete opposite of this. Although the animal was in good health, it was nothing like what I had seen on my television set. Just like other animals, the tiger was sitting quietly inside his pocket-sized cage waiting for people to feed him.

Besides being given proper food and nourishment, the animals looked sad and depressed. And why not? They have lost their freedom and were confined to their small depressing prisons. Besides animals, birds of different species were also locked and put on display for humans. Birds know no boundaries and roam around the globe freely without any restrictions. It really broke my heart looking at them caged as if their wings had been chopped off and they couldn’t fly anymore.


Animals have to undergo a lot of sufferings in the zoo. They get depressed and sometimes show aggressive behavior when teased by the visitors. Captivated animals don’t possess the traits and skills possessed by free animals. They don’t know how to hunt or how to survive against harsh weather conditions. Further, they don’t even know how to raise a family. They are devoid of their freedom and are forced to live inside their small cages for the rest of their lives.


Being responsible human beings we should try to understand the misery and pain zoo animals have to go through. We should also educate the society to respect the freedom of the animals and stop visiting Zoos.

-Sharanpal Singh

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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