Sex Yoga: Right to Sex Education by Korak Dey: BOOK REVIEW

sex yoga education korak dey book review

Title: SexYoga: Right to Sex Education or a Wrong Rape
Author: Korak Dey
Publisher: Notion Press

Blurb: Break free, celebrate your body, if you want, but do not commit the evil rape. First, get educated in sex and all things related to it, then either explore or ignore as per your inner command, but be neither an ignorant fool nor a hypocrite. 23 ways of kissing, 13 forms of embracing, 12 of scratching, 9 biting ideas, 20 attitudes of a sexual union, 8 styles of blowjobs and much more would guarantee you the pleasures that you never explored. Sex is vile only for evil people; the rest can feel the joy.

Review: This book was pretty interesting to read. You generally do not get to read such books by Indian authors. While going through this book, I was fleetingly reminded of The Orange Book by Osho.

This book is a celebration of the human body. It touches on the concept of human touch and breaking free. It is honest and insightful in times of greater awareness around sexual consent. The main focus of the book is perhaps around the need for greater sex education in India. However, the current state of affairs is a far cry from that. So Sex Yoga in that perspective is a positive step in that direction and one that we should certainly be very proud of.

The writing can be a bit inconsistent at certain points but the heart of this book is in the right place. That is why it is certainly a must read. It is far removed from the general books in the markets these days. So why not sample something different and educational?

Rating: 4/5

Price: 89 INR on Kindle and 237 INR for a paperback edition.

You can buy it from Amazon here.

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