In conversation with Amaan Khan- The Rapping Machine

Amaan Khan

Amaan Khan aka The Rapping Machine or should I say The Rapping Machine aka Amaan Khan? Born and brought up in Bhopal, Amaan is a rapper (obviously), a post graduate in English with his language specialisations in Hindi (Pure), Urdu (Traditional) and English (British, American and Jamaican).

Wow! I’d say that it is a lot to achieve when you are just 21! Yes, you read that right…needn’t go back and check..he is just 21 and don’t be all amazed as yet because we have got you this rapping prodigy’s life story and life style in an exclusive interview exhibited below.

So brace yourselves because today I present to you the most promising Khan of the year- Amaan Khan!

He reveals that the Rapping Machine and Amaan Khan are two distinct personalities. One was named by Damien Fletcher, an English rapper and the other, born and brought up by an Ex NCC Officer (Mansoor Rasheed Khan) and a Bank Manager (Seema Khan).

The latter prefers solitude, peace, sunrises and morning rides whereas The Rapping Machine is a powerhouse who loves to party, socialize, gym for hours and make sure that he makes the most of every moment given.  He loves to write, read sing and rap. Except for Rap, hamare khan sahab essays and poetry likhne mein bhi ruchi rakhte hain!

Toh aayie sunte hain, Amaan Kahn ki kahani..unhi ki zubaani!

Amaan, What does music mean to you? Why did you choose to rap and at what stage were you sure of taking it up as your career?

“Music is the food and water to my soul. Music is what I start my day with and end my night with.” His preferences include Sufi, Hip Hop and Metal. A strong theist, the concept of sufi classical appealed to him so much that he started learning it. His favourites include Arif Lohar, Harshdeep Kaur, Quratul-ain Balouch and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. While hip hop is like culture to him, metal appealed to him because of its jump start attitude! His favourite bands in metal are Skillet, Bullet for My Valentine, Megadeth, Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold.

Unlike many musicians, music was not a planned and premeditated thing for him, but it just somehow happened to him. At the age of seven, he wrote his first rap being unaware of the fact that what he just did was called a rap. (Well, at that age I only remember helping my younger brother build his solar system!) He recollects that he never decided to rap, it was destined to him. He just worked hard. Although, the loss of his first love did help him infuse his emotions into rap, and the fact that he always felt a connect with words helped him succeed. By the age of 14, Eminem, Akon, Snoop Dogg, David Banner, DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, Dr. Dre etc had already found a place on his walkman. He tested his metal on an online text rap forum named where he met rappers from all over the world.

Testing new raps, writing them over and over again, fusing genres and playing with words, rhythm, poetry, tune and vocals that’s all he remembers doing throughout his 10th-12th Class. The road from 8th to 10th was not rosy enough, when he was condescended by his teachers which he changed into inspiration to prove them all wrong and prove his nut.

Amaan Khan

What was the attitude of your parents when you told them about your decision to opt for music as your career? Were they supportive? If not, then how did you try to convince them?

Old School Indian Parental Reaction. Being the only child, his parents always wanted to make sure that he was not on the wrong path. His father was assured that rap meant drugs, guns, gang wars, women, alcohol and strong language (the credit goes to Snoop Dogg). Cherry on top? He got a supplementary in Computer Science exam in 11th Standard. They were, however, convinced when they saw that this was his calling and then became supportive after he showed them his raps. Well, he had to start again because by the time his parents were convinced, Honey Singh had robbed the industry. (isse kehte hain..gaya career honey mein!!) Currently, his mother loves Eminem more than he does! (Phew!)

Amaan, we all know that in fields pertaining to media and communication the struggle is never ending. How did you cope up with that? How were your early stages in this industry? Did you have any god father to guide you?

Amaan says that the struggle never ends, neither does the hunger and nor does the competition. “I was burnt when I used to rap in English, people loved my speed (I chop when I’m rapping in English and I’m slowly bringing that into Hindi and Urdu as well).” To cope up with that, he switched his language, changed his stage behavior, started using his native language in casual communication and made sure that there was no swag whatsoever in it.

“The thought process was gifted to me by my father himself who taught me that it doesn’t matter what field you are in, etiquette, discipline and good manners are always appreciated; the channel was given to me by my ex Professor Dr. Sanjay Ranade who still guides me wherever I fall back, the gift of formal English was given to me by my 10th Grade teacher and my Godmother Mrs. Meenakshi Sehgal.

The guidance in the field? That credit goes to the lot of people who I consider gems of my life. If I had to mention two of them, they would be
1.Megha Thakur, an anchor from Bhopal who has always been an amazing support.
2. Parry G (Prikshit Gupta) from whom I learnt the basics and advanced level of Hindi Rapping”.

Who in your family has been the most supportive about your career and how?

Both, Mom and Dad. While his mom made sure that he was motivated, his dad made sure that he was always on the right track. They are more straight forward than our entire generation honestly.

And what about your friends?….the answer to this question is not what we think. Unlike what friendship stands for, Amaan had to face the loss of many as he was exploring this field, but, in the end most of them came around.

What is it that you sacrificed for your career and you now repent it?

I sacrificed the chance to have a teenage that sounded normal in the constructs of society but honestly I don’t repent it. “ I’d not change a single thing that happened in the past because if all of that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

What has been the biggest break this industry has offered you?

My biggest break was VH1 Supersonic where I opened the set for Teri Miko and Nikhil Chinappa. As for a twist of fate and a beautiful one.

Have you ever faced the brunt of religious bias in your career as a rapper?

He recounts that he received love from every religion and every sect the love from every sect has been a billion times stronger than the hate that comes from the same so that never affected me. Although, everybody in the field of communication has faced this brunt.

Who is your role model? Who do you look up to?

No role model. As to who do I look up to, I look up to 50 cent, Eminem, Yelawolf, Bohemia, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

What has been the lowest point of your life and how did it change you as a person?

Totally unpredictable, Amaan tell us about this break up which totally shook up his life. A stage three depression which is almost suicidal and an agonising headache for straight eight months. Every eye questioning his character and his loyalty.

Amaan Khan


Your favourite :

Movie- Jack Reacher, nothing beats the suspense in that one. Except for that? 8th Mile and Get Rich or die tryin

food- Nahari with Butter Naan, any given day

colour- Black and Navy blue

city- Dubai

sport- Mixed Martial Arts

A song which makes you wants to dance- Gregor Salto- Intimi and Skrillex- Dirty Vibe.

Date with which Hollywood or Bollywood actress- Angelina Jolie (before her it was Selena Gomez, but then she dated Justin Bieber)

You would happily turn gay for which Hollywood or Bollywood actor-  Considering that I’m Homophobic, none.

Name one adventure sport that you wish to do but are very scared to do the same time- Bungee Jumping and skydiving

One attire which you wish to wear- Joker’s Purple Suit. (And I’m getting that one tailored too)

Road trip with friends to…- The Hindu Kush, stated in the passage of Himalayan feet ranging from Kashmir to Dharamshala.

Tell us about your one crazy fantasy- Meeting Satan and asking him why the Hell was it so tough to listen to God? And what good did his huge ego do him?

If not music, where do you think you would have been- That’s a horror I do not wish to imagine of.


Any message for all the budding rappers out there?

The road is messy, filled with obstructions but trust me, the journey is far more than just beautiful and the destination is nothing short of paradise. Every single moment you’ve spent in agony of harsh criticism will disappear the day you perform on a stage in front of a massive audience cheering for you. And do not be a part two of anyone. Not the second Eminem, not the second Tupac but the first you. They were recognized because they were different; it’s your turn now. AND STOP SHARING DHINCHAK POOJA’S VIDEOS!!

Do you have something to say to today’s parents? And also to the youth?

I know it’s tough for you to deal with a generation that listens to technology more than it listens to you but trust me you are the only ones who can guide the dream to either paradise or hell. Spend more time with them, talk to them and let them be as open as they can be. Be strict, be gentle, be whatever but be with them, do not let the technology leech upon them.

As for the youth, stop believing in what media shows you. Seek out for the truth and soon you’ll realize that all the hatred is a mere superstition created by those in power to make sure they stay that way. You are the youth, the young lions and lionesses, stop believing in the lies fed to you by old and bony jackals.

You can check one of our favorite track of his titled RANG here.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Amaan is extremely talented, kind and humble. Contrary to his stage persona, he is a softy at heart (though he is going to kill me for saying this publicly!) If you are friends with him and you need help, he will drop everything to be there for you. I wish him all the best for his future.

-Simran Syal

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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