In a tête-à-tête with Dr. Navneet Arora, Assistant Professor, UILS

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We meet again! (as promised in my previous article. You can read it here )

By now I hope you all have understood the purpose of this column and what it deals with. So, this time we are in conversation with another distinguished lecturer of the department of University Institute of Legal Studies, Assistant Professor Dr. Navneet Arora, who discusses with us her journey till now, her obstacles in life, the endless source of her motivation, her views about the department, about the youth, about the mid semester tests, her achievements, her likes and dislikes her wishes, her content…

You know, there’s a saying that goes something like- as we grow up we limit ourselves. We acknowledge things we are good at and at the same time, we also are aware of day to day activities which we aren’t efficient at. However, in this process of exploring ourselves, there is this special nook in hearts which harbours all the fear and makes us believe that there are certain things which we can’t do. Even before trying, we give up. Till now I haven’t been able to realise the root cause of this fear .

Is it the fear of social unacceptability? Is it the fear of failure?

Or maybe I’m just afraid of admitting the cause to myself. Well, whatever it is it has been given a direction, a logical explanation after I met this eminent personality.

To describe her, I’d like to coin the terms, the conqueress, the optimist, logic redefined, Miss content, and I so wish that you could all peep into my heart and feel all that I’m unable to put into words.

This episode is a sneak peek dedicated to all the students who have won or are in the process of winning or are feeling that they have lost but actually, are on the verge of victory!.

Friends, allow me to introduce to you Dr. Navneet Arora, a pertinent student of sociology who also holds a graduation degree in law.


Why sociology?

It just happened by chance. When I was deciding my subjects for Ba. (hons) , one of my knowns suggested me to pursue sociology.I did my Bachelors (hons) in sociology. However in masters I applied for political science, public administration and sociology. I got  a seat in all the three fields, but since I was at the top position in the stream of sociology so, I went for masters in sociology.

It was after when I topped in my masters, that I had made a conscious choice of choosing sociology as my career.

If not in this field where do you think you would you have been?

Ma’am very promptly replied that she loves public speaking. She is also interested in the field of event management. “At that time, these were not considered as careers. Had sociology not happened to me, I would have been in the field of event management.”

I  did  dress designing for two years, I also  learned stitching for one year &  did a computer course as well. The reason is that I lost my father when I was in ninth standard so, she always wanted me to be economically independent, jo problems unhone face kiye she didn’t want us to go through the same. She wanted me to top in both the fields.

My  mother put me in both the lines. She encouraged me to teach and pursue higher studies. Whatever i  have done, it s only and only because of my mother. I have no regrets. I am very happy and very satisfied just because my mother is very happy.

“Life mein koi bhi aapki achievements par itna khush nhi hoga jitna aapki mother hogi. Because, the world sees your achievements, but your mother, knows and has lived with you the struggles you faced in that journey.”

In your journey from college to the university which professor inspired you the most?

Mrs. Prakash Kaur,(in college) she helped me to participate in debates and declamations. She pointed me out when I used to read punjabi in class. When she came to know that i wished to take part but  I could not write, she then helped me a lot. She would give me topics to write, and would accept it as I brought it. She frequently gave me her own writings as well.

There is a lot of effect on your personality when you meet good teachers. Even in school a teacher had asked me to participate in debates, but when I disclosed that I could not write she merely said okay and did no efforts after that unlike in college.

And in the university, it was Prof. Rajesh Gill. I was always with her. I was inspired by her way of classroom teaching. I was so influenced by her that I changed the hand in which I used to wear my watch. It was very difficult, but I changed it just because she used to wear this way.

I always tried to copy mam. The way she dressed, her posture, her dressing sense, her methods of classroom teaching…everything. I used to observe her very minutely. I always wanted to be exactly like her. She was my mentor, my guiding light! MY ROLE MODEL!

Your life’s highest achievement(s).

The lecturer believes that she has not yet achieved the highest. Everyday there is yet another goal, yet another challenge to look forward to. Another point is that there have been so many ‘highests’ in mam’s life. Topping masters, getting married, becoming a mother, all are her highests and yet many more to come.

“My highest varies every day.”

Lowest point in life?

Losing my father.

Which family member had the highest influence in your life?

I guess after knowing mam from the questions answered above, anybody would be very sure that it is mam’s mother!

“Only and only MOTHER! NOBODY ELSE”

Your fitness mantra?

“Tension nhi leni kal ki!kal ki kal dekhenge! Jo hoga achcha hi hoga. Kal k chakkar mein main aaj nhi kharab karti karti.I stay positive”

Fear the god only.

Live life king size!!

If you are given a magic wand then what would be that one thing which you would like to change in today’s youth. And why?

“See, the youth overall is different. One magic formula will not work for all. I’d  like to change the styles of entertainment of the youth.

Everybody is busy in themselves. They all get hold of one corner and stick to it. Not open at all. They laugh secretly. They need to loosen up a bit and live life freely. Open masti and open laughter is what is lacking in the youth  but, at the same time they need to be grounded as well. They lack sentimental attachments. Their thinking needs to be changed.”

The saddest part about UILS?

The more  UILS is expanding, the more the quality, (in proportion to it) is degrading. Expansion in terms of the addition of streams or addition of faculty is not bad. However, when the classes are not taking place, the result is not proportionate then it feels bad. Expansion is leading to complexity and complexity is leading to individualism.

Your stand about the mid semester exams.

“Mid-semesters used to take place in UILS before but, they were cancelled because of some reasons. The students had moots, some didn’t ever turn up and the teachers had to conduct extra exams. It used to be a 7 day long process due to which presentations were not  completed. And moreover, the whole department used to get into that exam frenzy that the idea of mid sems was dropped.

I am in favour of mid semesters but, provided they take place seriously other wise when you already know the consequences then why to get back in the same situation again. Either the students should not be allowed to take part in moot during those days or it should not be kept as an option. We should not allow  any casual attitude towards it if, they have to started again. Otherwise it was fine the way it has been since now.”

(now you get it, why I described her as logic redefined! Wait! You’re in for more, read on…)

What will be your plan of action if you are made the director of this department for 24 hrs?

  1. “I’ll be in the department five minutes to nine.
  2. I’ll check who all are on time. I’ll see whether all the classes are taking place.
  3. I’ll ensure that there is one way of locomotion. The stairs will be used for going upstairs and the ramp will be used for coming downstairs (except the specially abled children) and this will be mandatory for all. The staff+the students. The students will have to give space to the teachers while on stairs or on ramp.
  4. The students shall not be allowed to stand in the corridors. If their lectures are over, they should leave the building. There should be pin drop silence inside the building.
  5. I’ll tell the students to wait only for 15 mins for the professor. 9 to 9:15 is enough time. After that, leave the class and go. And the same is for professors as  well. Entry allowed only till 9:15 to students.
  6. Lastly, I’ll take rounds after every lecture finishes. I  won’t say anything to any professor, just my presence will be enough.”


 Do you feel that Arts and Law subjects are at par in this department?

“No, they are not at par. Students know that they are here for law so they focus more on law subjects. But even we feel that yes, students have moots and other activities so we are supportive of it.

However, in terms of duties, the teachers are not discriminated against. Although, there is one drawback. For eg. I was very interested in this legal aid set up in the department but nobody will ask me provided I am a law graduate because my area of expertise is not law. It is not open for anyone to participate in any activity going on.”

What’s the best part about UILS that makes you want to come here daily?

My students are the driving force.

Name the following:

  • One dress you wish to wear but somehow you are not able to- I wish to wear short skirts and sleeveless tops, but only when I’m on a holiday.
  • A movie you watched for more than five times– chandini
  • An adventure sport you would love to do but at the same time you are scared to do it.– hot air ballooning
  • A song which makes you wanna dance– I like punjabi songs but not those of Honey Singh and Badshah. I like songs by Hans Raj Hans


Describe yourself in three adjectives.

Confident, alert and smart.

Your philosophy of life

Victory with determination.

Any messages for your students?

Work hard and perseverance.

I’d like to wrap up this episode by hoping that we all find a role model who influences us in such a profound manner and personally. I’d like to copy your attitude about life.

Thank you so much ma’am for giving us so much attention and time as well. You are a real inspiration and I am sure whosoever who reads this article will surely learn something from you!

Your young spirit and liveliness is appreciable!

And yes..not to forget..thank you mumma, Zaheen and Karan for your contributions in the article! I also thank Mrinaal  for editing the previous article beautifully!

I hope my friends had a good time reading this episode. Your feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

– Simran Syal

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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