The different moods of Poetry by Sheena Singh


Poetry is what feeds the soul, it is what keeps humans going in times of difficulty. Poetry is also what puts into words, feelings and emotions we thought never could be done. It is the calmness of a quiet Saturday evening and the heartbreak of a bustling Monday morning. Poetry is what humans live and crave for, when the pressures of life take over. An escape from reality into the worlds of the unknown, of the free- where your spirit soars higher and higher, but at times, also breaks, only to rekindle itself all over again.

Here is a collection of poems by our in- house poet, Sheena Singh that will surely make you go on a roller coaster ride of such emotions.

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Standing deserted,
She pondered on the thoughts
That haunted her in the darkness
She touched her body,
To see if she was pious?
She asked her mind,
What to do?
She stroked her heart,
On was it true?
She pricked her soul,
To check if it hurt.
Then she asked her shadow,
If it would follow?
There was a devilish laugh
That echoed,
And she knew she was desolate.
For life.



You pulled a few of them
And I danced

You pulled another
And I smiled

You pulled the next
And went on like that

I was a puppet in your hands
You were not a wizard

But you did have the love wand
I was a puppet in your hands

And I enjoyed it, you stretched my chords
And I loved it.

But I didn’t know
That you will pull the one tied to my neck

And smile and say
The show must go on…


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