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Monday, March 1, 2021

Dealing with death of a loved one: A happy memory forever

We all have lost someone special in our lives. Either due to some accident or disease. But losing that someone special brings a huge...

Not being sad is the real sadness

Is it yet another day when getting out of bed seems to be the toughest task? Are the goals you aim to accomplish continuing...
first impression

How to leave a lasting first impression- tips and tricks

It is the eternal conundrum isn't it? How to come off as impressive or memorable on a first meeting. Recently I had the opportunity...
body shaming

Body Shaming : The easiest way of hurting a soul

I’m sure that all of us know a friend who is always mocked because she is obese or even over-weight for that matter. She...
life lessons

22 life lessons I learned as I turned 22

Birthdays are important milestones in our lives. They bifurcate a year of our life from the next while simultaneously measuring our growth. I turned...
letting go

The Art of Letting Go: Peaceful mind strategies

Every one of us has heard this- Life is beautiful. But we only stick to the word beautiful and forget that all beautiful things...
life skills

23 Life Skills You Should Ace by the Time You Are 23

Adulting is hard. But if you learn certain skills, it can make your life extremely easy.
loving yourself

The Art of Loving Yourself- A Guide

In this world what we try to find is just one thing- love. I guess we can all agree to it to some extent....
20 Diamond Rules for Ultimate Well-Being

20 Diamond Rules for Ultimate Well-Being by Ashraf Haggag

Title: 20 Diamond Rules for Ultimate Well-Being Author: Ashraf Haggag Blurb: Life is like an equilibrium, composed of an equal amount of certainty and uncertainty. People who...
toxic friendships

How to recognise and eliminate toxic friendships

Toxic relationships- we have all heard of them and most of us may also have first hand experience. The signs are easy...