10 situations describing what it’s REALLY like to grow up in a strict family!


There will be a really small portion of us who would say that their parents are NOT strict. We
have such high hopes of detachment from worldly mannerisms, that even the slightest amount of interference makes us feel like we are caged. But then, there is something like real-strict family which the chosen ones amongst us deal with. There are strict parents, and then there are the typical overprotective brown parents which I am to describe here.

So here are 10 things that can make you feel how it is like to grow up in a strict family!

1. Even the most horrifying terrorist has not been questioned more than you have.


2. You have never been afraid to hear a- NO.


Rather the first step to any plan was facing a rejection. πŸ˜›

3. And then you stop telling them your friends’ plans. You are great at predicting their response.

This is your life. Basically.Β  –

“Hey you wanna go out?”
“Let me ask my parents.”

*counts till 10*

“Oh they said No.”


4. You have made more excuses to go out than a kid to not eat veggies.

Sometimes you wholeheartedly wish you could make a career out of this. Hands down. You’d be the unbeatable star!


5. But the fun begins when you use this as a means to avoid the get together of that girl you secretly hate so so much. xD

I can see that evil grin on your face already. xD

It was so easy to refuse coming without letting anyone know that you do not want to come. Here is your secret weapon.

“Babe, I so wanna come but my parents are refusing.”

*and the evil grin widens*


6. You search for clubs and NGOs which have online working option.


7. You have not driven a vehicle EVER before getting your driver’s license.

ADMIT IT: You are secretly proud of being a responsible citizen.


8. You plan for more than a week to ask for your bestie’s birthday party.

And you hardly tell about the real plan. πŸ˜›
And by planning we don’t mean JUST planning. Everything is jotted down very professionally.Β  A secret meeting is held and each and every point is taken care of. And some backups are made. You know, just in case … πŸ˜‰


9. And on that birthday party, you start getting phone calls within an hour of going out.

4-10 missed calls’ notification is predictable and obvious.

The funniest moment undisputedly is when your phone rings and the whole party goes silent and all eyes are glued to you as if you are trying to diffuse a bomb. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


10. Before talking to your parents about going out, you play the conversation 10 times in your head and the real conversation happens precisely the same way.

You might not know it then, but now you know that you knew them so well that you could accurately predict their response. Staying in your house forever gave you the blessing of knowing your family to the core. You knew what exactly would work for Mom and what is it that’ll do for Dad.


-Ananya Talwar

Edited by Mrinaal Datt.

Read more about them here.


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