The Girl Who Changed My Life by Pawan Aditya: Book Review

The Girl Who Changed My Life

Ttile: The Girl Who Changed My Life

Author: Pawan Aditya

Publication: Educreation Publishing

Blurb: The Girl Who Changed My Life is the story of Aditya, with a series of events that shattered him and taught him the lessons for his love life. The story will take you to the journey of friendship, love, compassion, disappointment, inspiration and freedom. It may leave you in the moment where you think not to fall in love again and would prefer to stay away from the so-called “love.”

But on the other hand, the story gives you a great lesson on how a person can achieve true love by not giving up and continuing with positivity. As a real relationship has fights,
trust, faith, tears, pain and love. It has potential to give you the happiest moments and also the saddest ones. What really matters is how you look at it. Either you rise or plunge to the abyss, depending on your attitude.

It is not just a love story, but it is a story of friendship, trust, dedication, compassion and
emotions. Love is unfathomable; it works in its own way. Similarly, the story is all about how
Aditya fell in love with Kavya. Aditya met her at the beginning of his corporate life. Where he found a girl with an absolutely different aura from other girls. He is mesmerized by her simple yet revolutionary thoughts.

Review: The Girl Who Changed My Life is yet another love story that the Indian market seems to be saturated with these days. But the audience apparently cannot get enough. The story begins with the protagonist Aditya in his Eleventh standard. And how his “true love” eludes him. Being from a small town he again tries to find love in college and then in his Spoken English class, only to be humiliated and left heartbroken. You get the drill, right?

After facing so much hurt, he decides love is not for him. That is, until he gets a job and crushes on a colleague on his very first day. The story probably gains momentum towards the end where this colleague, Kavya, is unlike anyone he’s ever met. She’s a corporate professional who’s a do-gooder and changes his life.

Probably the thing that sets this book apart from its contemporaries is the do-gooder part where environment has been given a HUGE role in this book. So the book does have chunks of nice information and initiatives that people at large can benefit from.

Perhaps it would have been more complete with better editing. The book seems poorly edited where at times I was left wondering if it has been edited at all. There are grammatical mistakes galore, incorrect usage of vocabulary which I suppose can put off some readers.

But if you are looking for a light read, this can be a good recommendation for you.

Rating: 2.5/5

Price: 148-185 INR (depending upon where you buy it from)

You can buy it from Books Camel here or from Amazon here.


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