Six absolute must buy T Shirts from Myntra!

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Since the summer season seemed to have overstayed its welcome, now is the perfect time to go shopping for everyone’s favorite- T Shirts! Pair them with your denims, slacks, shorts, skirts or even trousers (!) but you can never go wrong with this fashion apparel.
Ever since its inception, Myntra has been my go to online shopping site for buying T Shirts. Wondering why? Read on!
Whenever you are looking for good T Shirts online, what do you look for? I am guessing it is something along the lines of availability of good brands, colors, affordability and reliability. Well, Myntra is one such online shopping site that delivers on all those promises in one package.
Here are my favorite picks from the online shopping site.
1.The Black Semi Sheer T Shirt from ONLY
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Well, we all know that you can never go wrong with black no matter what. You can wear it with a pair of jeans, or a pencil skirt- the options are endless. So no wonder this tops my list of favorites on this fashion site.
2. Off-White & Red Striped Round Neck T-shirt by Mango
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Yes, I love solids but I also love stripes. If worn correctly, stripes can be pretty flattering to your physique. Horizontal stripes like this one make you look slimmer, so if you are a little heavy on those scale (like me), never EVER wear vertical stripes. That would be some serious fashion faux pas.
3. White Printed Round Neck T-shirt by Forever 21
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We have done solids and stripes, now how can we forget prints? Graphic print t shirts are all the rage this season and will continue to being so. Why? Because they are a great way of self expression. This cute but sassy t shirt by Forever 21 is my personal favorite and I love the grey color scheme going on over here.
4. Red Striped Round Neck T-shirt by WROGN
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You didn’t really think I was going to leave the boys behind now, did you? I love this striped t shirt by WROGN which is the label of cricketer Virat Kohli. The reason these t shirts stand out from the rest is because of the visual illusion that is going on on this t shirt. It really makes it all the more eye catching and the color scheme is such that it will suit all men.
5. Navy Blue Printed Polo Collar T-shirt by WROGN
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It isn’t intentional and neither am I promoting WROGN but my next two favorites also happen to be from the same brand. A polo collar t shirt is a must have for every guy. This one is a fav for the plain reason that I LOVE the color, navy blue is such a royal color that it is bound to catch one’s attention and I also absolutely love the polka dot prints over it. Simple yet classy.
6. (BONUS!) Charcoal Grey & Yellow Colourblocked Polo Collar T-shirt by WROGN
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Now this features on the list because it is my personal favorite because I love the combination of yellow and black. It is very modern and ultra cool though I believe not everyone can carry it off.
So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!
-Mrinaal Datt
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