Shhh! Don’t Talk about Mental Health by Arjun Gupta: BOOK REVIEW

Shhh Don't Talk about Mental Health book review

Title: Shhh! Don’t Talk about Mental Health
Author: Arjun Gupta
Publisher: Notion Press

Blurb: In the 19th year of his life, Yashasvi tried to end his life. Follow the journey of Yashasvi and millions of other people who are tormented by their own minds. This is not a self-help book. Mental health is no longer just about helping yourself. It is a movement against an invisible crisis that breeds inside our minds. A crisis that makes you question the voice in your head. Yes, the same voice that is reading this out to you.

True stories, research, statistics and facts. This book will convince you why mental health cannot be just about self-help anymore, and why people like Yashasvi need our help

Review: This is NOT a self-help book. Shhh! Don’t Talk about Mental Health is rather, a self-awareness book. It is what the world needs- to learn how to care. Once you start reading this book, you’re hooked!

Yes, it is non-fiction. But the way the author details the growth of the conversation around mental health is really gripping. It keeps you interested without sounding “preachy”. And honestly, this is exactly what I look for in a book around such topics.

Shhh Don't Talk about Mental Health book review

Everything is succinctly described and in a way that makes you think. Shhh! Don’t Talk about Mental Health is the need of the hour. With the growing digital medium, we’re all growing closer yet falling apart. So, a lot of that has got to do with the way we live our lives. Being strong outside when you are struggling inside is not an option and this book reiterates that.

Also, it tries to make the reader empathise with such individuals. In my opinion, this is worth your time.

Rating: 5/5

Price: 300 INR for a paperback and 123.90 INR for a Kindle edition.

You can buy it from Amazon here.

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