Reminiscence by Devika Das: Review and Giveaway Results


Title: Reminiscence

Author: Devika Das

Publication: Blue Rose Publishers

Blurb: Reminiscence is a collection of poems reflecting the poet’s learning from her experiences. The poems are an assortment of style and genre without restricting to a specific tone and style. The poet has exercised freedom in depicting various aspects of our life along with the importance of nature and other living beings. The poems have a sweet blend of rhythm and blank verse to avoid monotony.

Review: A lot of time when I post reviews of poetry books, a question that I asked a lot is only one. “Is it easy to understand?”. And I totally get why people would want to know that because not everyone is that proficient with fancy vocabulary and the like. I am sure I am one of them. So at the very outset I can say one thing about Reminiscence- it is very easy to comprehend. The writing style of Devika Das is very simple. But I guess that is intentional.

As the very name of the book- Reminiscence- suggests, it is pure nostalgia. Right from the moment you are born to the moment you die, there is poetry for every occasion. For a poetry collection so vast in its approach, it makes sense for it to be easily understandable. The poems are not very long- they are short and crisp, and also very rhythmic so you really like the flow that builds up as you read along.


There are so many poems and every one of them warms your heart and leaves you with a smile. So you can probably enjoy it with a nice cup of coffee (or tea, whatever you prefer, really) and your Sunday is made.

I really like the fact that as a reader I can see that the poetry is honest and comes from experience that is personal to the author but universal to us all. So it is definitely a must read for me.

Rating: 3/5

Price: 125 INR

You can buy the book online here.


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