Photo Frames and Home Decor: Favorites from Craftsvilla

photo frames

It is the month of February so it is the month of love. Apart from the usual gifts, there are some other things you can gift to make it all the more special. What I am talking about are Photo Frames, and if you live with your loved one, items of Home Decor. Because let’s face it, roses and chocolates are cool and all but if you are in this for the long term, why not invest into something permanent? Right? Right?

So here I am, sharing my favorite picks from Photo Frames and Home Decor items from one of my favorites- Craftsvilla. Read on!

  1. Kolorobia Ikat Photo Frame

    photo frames

    Now if you are someone like me who loves colors, then this is for you. This photo frame is my absolute favorite for the pop of color it adds to your room. Also, it is very different from the usual photo frames we see in the market.

  2. White And Red Matte Contour Wooden Picture Framephoto framesAnother favorite of mine, if you are looking for something more subdued, is a frame with a wooden finish. If you want the picture to stand out while keeping the look more on the sophisticated side, then this should be your go-to choice.
  3. Rose Print Hand Made Paper Stationary Gift Set

photo framesNow this is my final choice in photo frames. If you are a stationary buff like me (yes, I absolutely go crazy over stationary), then this is perfect for you. Why? Because this Hand Made Paper stationary set consists of a Photo Frame, Penstand, Slip Box, Pencil Pad, Two hard bound and one soft bound diary with Hand Made Paper notes. The product is crafted from 100% recycled material. What is not to love about it?

4. Jewellery Box n Gemstone Jewelry Box

photo framesNow from the Home Decor section, this is my favorite. A beautiful jewellery and Gemstone box. Consisting of beautiful meenakari work, it is perfect for gifting to a special one. Another thing that catches my eye about the product is the attention to detail. The box has great character to it unlike the plain boxes that we use everyday.

5. Antique Golden Minakari Work Flower Vase

photo frames

Gifting flowers is so passe, why not gift a vase instead? This black and gold vase has a beautiful peacock and has so much to add to a room. If you have a corner in your home with muted colors, this is the perfect addition to make the place stand out.

6. Real Makrana Marble Chess Board Handicraft

photo framesOkay, now this looks and sounds really off beat for a gift to a loved one but hear me out, okay? First, chess is sexy. Nothing is better than intelligence. Two, it is something you and your partner can do without looking into your phone screens. We spend a lot of time staring at screens, and too little time talking to each other and making merry. This is the perfect way to do that. And when you are not playing? Just think how stunning it will look as a center piece!

So these were few of my favorite photo frames and home decor products. Let me know which one you liked the most in the comments below.

-Mrinaal Datt



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