Luxury travel and lifestyle essentials ft. Urby


We all love to travel. But more than that, we all love to travel in style. So when I came across Urby, I was smitten! Urby is an up and coming travel and lifestyle essentials brand that aims to provide you the products at economic rates.

Monica, from Urby was kind enough to send me a customised Wanderlust passport holder. It was in the color Topaz brown. The moment I laid my eyes on it, I was in love. It has a beautiful brown color with an elegant design and of course, my name on it!


The passport holder is really handsome. It has beautiful handcrafted tan leather pockets that can hold not only your passport but also various cards and the like. However, this is not all. The passport holder reached me in such a beautiful packaging that I was left absolutely speechless. It came in a sleek black box with the word Urby written on top of it. Inside, there was a small off white colored pouch that contained the passport holder.


You know, if there is anything that I have learned in this journey as a blogger, it is this one thing. You can tell a lot about a brand by the way it packages its product. If as much thought and care is put in its packaging as the product itself, you know you made the right choice. Urby excels exactly on that front.

So what are you waiting for? Get that passport holder right now for not only the luxury and comfort it affords you, but also for those drool worthy Instagram pictures taken in swanky airport lounges! You can check out more of their collection here.


And as for me? Well, I have my eyes set on their absolutely smashing jewellery boxes next!

-Mrinaal Datt

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