The Life Lessons We Learned From F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


It is not just a TV show, it means the world to me and thousands of other people walking the planet. Re-runs after re-runs but the show never loses its charm nor does it ever stop making me laugh. It is a story of 6 friends who are trying to succeed in New York city. Yes, I am talking about F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Now there are conflicting views about the show. There are people who do not like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. at all and then, there are people like me who love it to bits. Over the years, the characters on the show have become a huge part of our lives. Even though the show was very entertaining, I also believe that there is a lot that can be learned from the characters.

So here is a list of lessons that I learned from every lead character on the show:

  1. Love what you do- Ross Geller Ross was all about dinosaurs.


He was crazy about his work as a paleontologist and a professor. Ross knows that not everybody finds his facts as interesting or his dinosaur jokes as funny as he does, but he is so passionate about it that he can’t help it. That is the passion we must have for our work. It doesn’t matter if people think you are a nerd- embrace your inner nerd and love what you do!

2. Every group needs a MOM- Monica Geller


She is the glue that holds the group together. Monica is a cleanliness freak, a perfectionist and bossy. Further, she makes sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to and that they never forget to use coasters 😉 Even though she can be a little uptight but she is the one that everyone runs to for help and advice (read M-O-M).

3. Your life is what you make it- Rachel Green


Rachel was initially a daddy’s girl who was living on her dad’s credit cards. Her transition throughout the seasons from a coffee shop waitress to a buyer at Ralph Lauren is amazing.
Becoming an independent adult is hard but you can make it. Just like Rachel who struggled and did it. Also, Rachel and Ross’s love story makes us believe that some people are meant to be together (everybody has a lobster). After breakups (“We were on a BREAK!!”), being in so many relationships they end up together.

4. Rejection is just a phase- Joey Tribbiani


Joey is all about food, girls and acting. He has gone to countless auditions and failed and has been given countless bad reviews for his performances. But he never gave up on his acting dreams. In the end, he is the lead star of “Days of our Lives”. Just believe in yourself and one day you will be successful. Joey -a ladies man(How you doin? 😉 ) can have a big heart too. He is an amazing support to everyone.

5. Just be yourself- Phoebe Buffay


She is weird one of the group (Or is she?). She’s both innocent and badass at the same time. She works as masseuse and writes and sings her own songs (smelly cat, anyone?). She can be brutally honest and doesn’t need to sugar coat things. Despite a tragic past, she consciously chooses to be happy. She makes me believe that happiness is your own choice.
It is okay to be yourself, the ones who matter will always love you.

6. Humour is a great defence- Chandler Bing

The king of bad thanksgivings, Chandler is the funniest character of the show. He is socially awkward and makes the weirdest jokes when he feels uncomfortable. He struggled with women until he fell in love with Monica. Don’t forget he’d been stuck with the most annoying girlfriend ever, like EVER (OH MY GODDD) Janice. But he taught me that falling in love with your best friend could be the best thing that could happen to you.

There are many new shows running out there. But some characters can never be replaced. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. characters take a special corner in your heart and work as stress buster. Every-time I have a pizza, Joey comes to my mind. While cleaning my room I turn into Monica. When I am watching Jurassic park, I am totally in my Ross mode.
While playing the guitar, I am all about smelly cat-smelly cat. Also, I know the exact meaning of “sarcasm” thanks to Chandler.

Most importantly, the one lesson that always stays with me is that at the end everything falls into place. Each one them end up at the exact place they always wanted to be. And that gives me hope that it we all work hard, at the end, we will all be at our destinations.

-Randeep Dhillon

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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