I am an Introvert and why I am okay with it


Yes, I am an introvert and I do not feel any kind of shame in admitting it. No, this does not mean that I am antisocial; just selectively social.

I like listening and observing things. Also, I love being at home than going out with a bunch of people. But I also like spending time with people. However, I need some time to be alone. And I love that at times. But that is just a part of my reserved personality.

I am an introvert and it is not a big deal, so just stop judging me and every other such person who is present next to you.


In India, about 30% people are introverts and are misjudged. In fact, a wrong definition has been given to such a person in our society. It does not mean that the person is antisocial or shy. Even an extrovert person is sometimes antisocial and shy.

There is only one important difference between an extrovert and introvert. Extrovert people, need someone to boost up their energy levels but an introvert person draws energy from within. Introverts look within themselves and find answers, while extroverts look to outside sources.

An introvert tries to stay away from negative energy. So they keep themselves away from negative situations. In a world that is stressed out by daily fear of propaganda, we introverts feel this stress and try to stay away from people who harness this negative energy than to be around them.


I believe than an introvert has an ability to transmute such energies. I strongly believe that some people who say that they are extroverts are just trying to impress the people around them and are quite uncomfortable. Once, they find out their real selves, then they can feel quite comfortable.

While other people try to find an easy path, we choose to go within. If you are an introvert, I believe that you are in a good company. So don’t feel shy. Wear that ‘Introvert’ tag with pride!

– Megha Gupta

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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