How to lose weight and how I lost 7 kgs ft. NidSun

How to lose weight

How to lose weight? That is the eternal question that many of us ask ourselves. It certainly is the question I asked myself time after time. So you begin searching for answers. Even a random Google search will provide you with the most eccentric of ways. Whether it is a fad diet, or eating some “magic pills” or worse, I have done and tried it all. The result? Nothing.

I have always been a fat kid with small phases of being “slim” but what can you do, right? Well, certainly do not sit on your ass all day doing nothing because it just keeps piling on. Seriously, do not do it (better if you understand it now but I learned it the hard way). So the scales keep showing the numbers going higher and higher until FINALLY, the real motivation comes along. And this question how to lose weight becomes increasingly difficult to answer.

So I started working out around August and but I wasn’t expecting to see the results any time soon. And then the most amazing thing in the world happened- NidSun. I got contacted by them and lo and behold, I was sitting there in their office learning about the most amazing techniques.

How to lose weight

How to lose weight? This question is then finally answered to me by Dr. Sunny Bawa. Surprisingly, the answer is pretty simple- by killing off fat cells! Yes, bless technology, right? While I am at NidSun, there are a variety of techniques for me to see. Whether it is freezing your fat away using Cryolipolysis, or Laser Lipolysis for targeted fat burning, there is so much on offer.

Finally, after discussing all the techniques, we zeroed in on the Ultrasound Cavitation technique for me. Ultrasound cavitation is a non-invasive fat blasting technology. It uses acoustic waves to rupture fat cell membranes that store fat in the sub-dermal layer of skin, allowing the liquefied fat to be excreted and metabolized naturally and safely by the body.

How to lose weight

But if you think that is all there is and you can just blast your fat away, you are in the wrong. Sure, such techniques fasten the weight loss, ultimately the effort is all yours. The dieticians at Nidsun helped me to frame a fat free diet (or close) because I obviously didn’t want to replenish those blasted away fat cells, right? And of course, there is also the workout.

I went in for three session with NidSun. So after my first session, a week later, I reduced 2 kgs. That is amazing, right!? Second week, another 1.5 kgs, and the same in the third. So I lost a total of 5 kg of weight in three sessions with NidSun.

But it isn’t the end, even after my last session, the dieticians sat down with me helping me incorporate new low fat foods into my diet so that I continue on this weight loss journey.

How to lose weight

Now, for those of you wondering about this technique- yes, it is totally safe. It is a non-invasive procedure and just involves using sound waves on your body. So it has minimal side effects (or none, as in my case).

Ever since that, I have lost a further 2 kgs, just by eating right and working out. Week after week the numbers on the scale keep dropping and that is the most wonderful feeling in the world. But when it comes to the question of how to lose weight, NidSun surely gave me the jump-start I needed on this journey.

Also, the best part of all of this is the weight never bounces back. Of course, as long as you are making sure you do not overeat. Sure, it requires a little sacrifice, but soon enough it becomes a way of life.

Here are some changes I made in my lifestyle-

I switched from regular full fat milk to 0.5% Fat milk. Further, I cut cottage cheese (paneer) out of my diet and opted for the fat free Tofu instead. That, for a vegetarian is a BIG deal. And you know, honestly, I thought when I would eat it again I would be so happy. But in reality, when I had some paneer recently, it felt nothing special and certainly not like I was missing anything. This is the thing about food, we think we love it so much, we can’t live without it but it is just our minds playing tricks on us.

How to lose weight

Further, I also cut processed foods from my diet- biscuits, namkeens, sugar, bread. I can’t even remember the last time I had any of that. Give me a portion of fruits or a handful of nuts and I will be a happy girl. Of course, I allow myself a few little “treats” here and there but nothing that would make me feel guilty of my transgressions.

Lastly, and most importantly, are workouts. So I do cardio for an hour or so and try to otherwise remain active throughout the day and that so far has been doing wonders for me. Honestly, this takes a little getting used to, especially since the winters are here. But now maybe missing a day seems okay to me but anything more than that and I am dying to go out because it does more than just make you lose weight. It also helps reduce stress and keeps you feeling fresh. In this day and age, I will happily take that.

Bottomline- If I of all people can lose weight (given how lazy I am), you certainly can.

How to lose weight

How to lose weight? Well, just decide you want to and work towards it. The rest is just a cakewalk (pun, totally intended!)

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-Mrinaal Datt

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    • Hi Sahil!

      I had roti or rice (not both). Also, I used ragi or oats instead of wheat for making roti. When I ate rice, I used boiled rice.
      I am doing only cardio currently, but I will be adding weight training to my regime too. My body was not in the shape to start weights instantly, now that I have stamina, I will certainly try weights too.

      – Mrinaal

      • Thanks for replying.. I was just confirming that they give diet which one can adapt as a lifestyle…. Not fancy diet… regular Ghar ka khana


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