Holi- The Festival of Colors is here!

Trying to remember those days, when my teacher used to give a holiday homework during my Holi vacation. Write an essay on “How did you spend your Holi?”. Trust me, I was an expert at making my Holi look more amazing on that piece of paper than it actually was. And I miss those days, actually everyone misses those days.

Today, neither I am gonna remind myself of those days nor you. I just want to you to spend a cruelty free Holi this year.

So, here I go-

Just for a while think that someone is doing what irritates you the most. On that very point of time, what will be your reaction? You will obviously get angry and will be rude to that person. Further, you will definitely ask him not to do that again.

But what if he or she still continues?

Not a nice feeling, that.

Now, just take a minute and think about all the animals who get irritated when you apply Holi colours on them. They can neither speak nor tell you that please don’t do so because it itches me or that if I accidentally lick it, I will die. They can’t speak, but why don’t some people understand? It’s high time now that we should realise that animals are allergic to these colours. So, please don’t apply any colors on animals this Holi.


Wondering how do these colours affect your pet’s health ?

  1. They cause permanent eye damage.

2. They lead to skin damage and allergies.

3. They can be irritating to ear canal.

4. Coloured water can be harmful if consumed.

So, let’s keep the animals out of harm’s way.

If an animal, for example, a dog loves us, cares for us and even sometimes helps us to set our bad moods to a good one. Then can’t we do a little for them?

Please don’t apply any colours on animals this time and let’s take an oath to celebrate a cruelty free Holi this year.

Wishing you all a very happy Holi!

– Megha Gupta

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

Read more about them here.


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