Tricity’s First Man vs Food Challenge- Dev’s American Café

Dev's American Cafe

DEV’S AMERICAN CAFE. Whether it is the Monster Red Ruby Burger challenge in England or the 72-ounce steak challenge in Texas, food challenges have been around for a long time. Whether you have seen them on Man vs Food or your favourite YouTuber munching down pounds of meat in a single go; and if you are a self-proclaimed foodie you have always wondered, if I can do that. Our city had been missing out on the fun, but not anymore. Dev’s American Cafe has come with Chandigarh’s first food challenge ever.

The café is not easy to find, hidden in the campus of British School, Sector 44. It opens when school time is over at 3PM. The place itself is simple and welcoming, it looks like a home decorated for Christmas or Diwali with warm open air seating riddled with lights all around. It’s a great place if you just want to spend time with your friends and have a delicious meal. The Tortilla and Chicken burgers are amongst the favourites and they keep coming up with new and exciting dishes to keep the menu fresh. Warning though, you might have a hard time to find something if you are a Vegetarian.


Enough about the café though now, let’s come to the star of the show, the main attraction, the Man vs Food challenge, the Empire State Burger. I have tried it myself and I can tell you it truly lives up to its name.
The moment you order the burger, you know you are in for something special. The servers who are warm and pleasant tell you to take your time and relax while they prepare the monstrosity. You are the birthday boy and your cake is coming up.

The burger is 2 kilos of meat, veggies, sauce and bread. It contains chicken, mutton, bacon and any other kind of burger patties you can think of. There are two sandwiches in between the burger and the whole burger is filled with cheese slices and veggies. The challenge is to finish the burger in record time which is 10 minutes and 12 seconds right now. If you manage to achieve the feat, you will be given the free meal (which is priced at 999) and Rs 500 as the price.

I am used to eating more than the average person but the moment I saw this burger I knew the challenge was lost. You will need some appetite and speed to climb this Empire State if you decide to take on the challenge. There’s an alternative for Vegetarians called the Garden State burger which replaces meat with Tofu and other vegetarian counterparts.


If you like American cuisine, Dev’s Café is a place you should try whether you take on the challenge or not.

-Himanshu Goel

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

Read more about them here.


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