Dear fashion industry, give women some damn pockets!


It is a tale as old as time, repression of female kind that refuses to stop. I  may sound a bit over the top in this rhetoric but it is true. I recently read a post on Facebook where a man says he has finally figured out what women want-

  1. Less interference in their body
  2. Equal Pay
  3. More pockets (!)

Honestly, I chuckled when I read the third point. But then I thought about it a little more and it makes sense.

Pockets. Men have been blessed with them in their clothing. A normal pair of men’s jeans carries 4 pockets generally- 2 in the front and 2 in the back. Their shirts and even t-shirts have atleast 1 and at times even two huge pockets. Pockets where they can put in their phone, wallet, multiple sets of keys, handkerchief and even a box of cigarettes and a lighter.


Now you would say, what’s the big deal right? Even women’s jeans have pockets. But do they? Really? Women’s jeans have small pockets wherein you can hardly fit in a key-ring let alone anything else.

Let’s face it, our phones have gotten bigger and our wallets, bulkier, with the onslaught of credit cards and what not. And you would think that with every new iPhone getting a bigger screen, they would finally address this issue of small or no pockets, but no one cares.

But it makes sense for the fashion industry right? If they give women pockets on their clothing, why would they buy handbags? That is one area of the fashion industry that would drastically reduce in size.


Or it makes sense to people in general, that women love shopping so they must love handbags too, right? Well, not entirely.

Women love shopping. But they should buy something because they want to buy it. Not because they are being compelled to. Are you getting where I am going with this?

Ask any woman and she’ll tell you how much she hates carrying a handbag because it makes one side of her shoulder hurt. So she has to constantly switch sides. Or how much of an issue it is when she has to use a public restroom and she is alone, unable to decipher where to keep this bag.


That is not all. Women are greater victims of robbery/theft because it is easier to pull off a handbag from their arms than it is to pick a pocket. Or they can easily forget it somewhere.

What’s worse is that even these handbags don’t have enough pockets. Women are forced into buying smaller purses, clutches that they put inside their bag.  Why? So that they can find stuff easily. It is a vicious cycle that doesn’t seem to end.

You might think it is not a big deal but it really is. Because it changes the lifestyle of a woman just because you refuse to give her some damn pockets!

Mrinaal Datt

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  1. I liked reading this. It’s very true, which is why I also add a lot pockets in my traditional garb. Thank you for the insight


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