Diwali wishes for those we forget but shouldn’t

As I was leaving college today, I had a couple of friends wished me a Happy Diwali. While driving home, I noticed how the roads congest a little during festivities and then I observed something that I did not before- the people who make sure our festivities go on uninterrupted. Here are Diwali wishes for them.


Every year around the time of festivals so many people come together to ensure we have the time of our lives. In this case, Diwali. So who are these people?

The traffic police, for one. Festivals are a time of gifting, shopping and so much more, with thousands of people out on the road, jams are bound to happen. But it is the traffic police that ensures your ride is as smooth as it can be. Imagine the traffic snarls on the roundabouts of Chandigarh if they weren’t present. Or just think if they didn’t get parked cars picked up from the roads, how horrendous travel would become.

Diwali wishes

Speaking of cars, we should also leave some Diwali wishes for the parking attendants. Parking lots are filled to the brim these days but these warriors will always find a space for you. They will push your cars around while you comfortably shop with your family and ensure you don’t waste much of your time in the parking lot.

Come the day of Diwali and incidents of fire are not uncommon. Accidents happen when you use firecrackers but the emergency services are always on their toes. Whether it is the fire department or the doctors spending their Diwali alone tending to patients, they deserve our love and appreciation.

Moreover, there are incidents of drunk driving and arguments. The emergency number ‘100’ hardly stops ringing on this day. Interestingly, if you talk to a policeman they’d tell you that even if people get a flat tire or run out of petrol, they end up calling the police! You’d think working so tirelessly, these people deserve our Diwali wishes.


So now that you have celebrated Diwali, burnt your fair share of crackers- there are some people who will come in to clean up the mess you’ve created. Yes, the sanitation workers. These people ensure the roads are cleaned spotlessly. While you sleep after partying all night, they make sure your first view in the morning is not an eyesore. Yet, these people are underappreciated.

Now this is not an article to make you feel bad. This is merely a reminder. Whenever we are out, sometimes we tend to lose our cool at such people. Why is the traffic taking so long to move? Or why can’t this person work faster? And so much more. It is important to remember that only a handful of people are catering to the needs of thousands. So it would be really amazing if we could be a bit more kind to them. After all, it is Diwali for them too!

-Mrinaal Datt

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  1. We tend to forget that there are some people who sacrifice their happiness, celebrations just to make ours good. We must talk to them with utmost respect. Hopefully, your post will have some positive affect on people out there. Loved it!


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