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Why you should ditch the flight for your next travel trip!


Most of us when we are about to plan a vacation or even are just about to pack our bags and head out have in our minds a lot of things. Like what the place is going to be like, what new food we are going to try or what adventure sports we are going to do when we get there. But what most of don’t bother thinking about is the way we are going to get to that place.

No, I am not talking about just choosing the best mode of conveyance to that place. I am talking about the journey phase of the vacation where you just have to wait.

More than often we choose the most comfortable and the shortest mode of transport depending on our budget. But what we forget is that the journey is an experience in itself. The things that happen during the journey can sometimes be more interesting than the trip itself. Also, you get a lot of free time to yourself which can be utilised properly if one wants to.


In order to have a good journey, you need to set your priorities straight. Now by this here I mean that you have to choose whether you want that comfortable flight which will take just 3 hours or that 36 hour train journey or even hitchhike to the place you are visiting. A lot of it depends on your attitude towards it.

Now everything here has its pros and cons. But you have to know that in order to get something you will have to sacrifice. Like in order that get that fresh cold air in a sleeper class bogey of a train you will have to give up the fully air conditioned flight. In order to taste the food of different places during the train journey you will have to give up the hygienic yet bland flight food.

Now, I am not telling you to never take a flight again in your life. Rather I am telling you that with my travel experience and after a lot of talking with fellow travellers. It is always better to ditch that flight and take a train or a bus to that place instead. Obviously, you should have that much time to spare for the journey but it will be worth it though. The flight will surely be comfortable and it will take way less time than any other way.


But it will also burn a huge hole in your pocket and more than that it will kill your journey. On the other hand, other modes are way cheaper than an air ticket. You can use that money on the trip itself on experiences and it will give you the time to observe. Observe your surroundings, various places you pass through during the journey. You will make various new friends on that train, scenes you will be able to witness.

It will give you a vibe of what the local people are all about no matter where you are in the world. Also, it will give you time for yourself. You will get to see all kinds of people and make friends with them. Most of all, that feeling of restlessness where you are just imagining about how the place you are visiting is going to be, you can feel that for a little bit longer.

-Karanveer Monga

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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