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Friday, October 30, 2020
indian journalism

Is Indian Journalism Coming Forward or Deteriorating with Age?

With great respect for the nation's true journalists, I inch forward to write this piece on the current stature of Indian journalism....

Charitism – Helping Hands Spreading Happiness In The Pandemic

When was the last time you just sat all by yourself, paused and thought about the things happening around you. Wondered whether...
international women's day

International Women’s Day: Honoring the First Women of India #SheInspiresUs

International Women's Day is just round the corner (read March 8). While we should celebrate women every day, this occasion calls for...
women's day

Women’s Day Over? What You Can Do for Rest 364 Days!

Too slim, too rude;Too angry, or a prude.A Slut, or too bossy;A Lipstick too glossy.Wannabe tomboy, ora pretty face too dumb,are amongst the many...
migrant workers in india

Migrant Workers in India & Their Incessant Plight in Lockdown

As the sun begins to shine on the shore with the arrival of a new day, a migrant’s forehead beams with the...
lessons from ramayana

Lessons from RAMAYANA: A Dose of Faith & A Dash of Hope

If you have been following us for a while, you'd know we love talking about Indian mythology. In this article, we explore...
cyclone amphan update

Cyclone Amphan Update & How You Can Help

If you are done with Tik-Tok vs Youtube, roasting someone on social media, defaming people, putting false allegations and more. Then can...