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The Belgian Waffle Co, Sector-35, Chandigarh: Review

The Belgian Waffle Co
If you love waffles or meetha in general, you have clicked on the correct link. Why? Because I am about to take you on a gastronomical journey that’s going to make you want to visit Sector-35 right now! The Belgian Waffle Co recently opened its first store in Chandigarh and I had the opportunity to check it out.
Ambience: The Belgian Waffle Co is a cute little store with extremely vibrant and inviting decor. There are colorful pictures of waffles with witty captions that’ll instantly catch your eye. This little space’s each corner is Instagram worthy. With nice music playing in the background, you’re going to enjoy eating  your waffles.
The Belgian Waffle Co
What I had: The Belgian Waffle Co serves three kinds of different waffles- savory, sweet and ice cream waffles. I ended up trying one of each. In the savory section I tried the pizza waffle. Topped with pizza sauce, the waffle had quality filling of cheese and pizza filling though I wish the amount of topping sauce were less. But other than that, this waffle was delicious and is certainly worth trying if you’d like to experiment with your taste.
The Belgian Waffle Co
In the sweet section I tried the overloaded chocolate waffle that was topped with nuts. They had an option for both milk and dark chocolate and I ended up tasting the milk chocolate one. This waffle was wonderful with the right amount of ratio of the chocolate filling to the waffle so that the sweetness did not overpower your taste buds. The nuts added the crunch it needed.
The Belgian Waffle Co
Finally, I tried their ice cream sandwich waffle- the Rocky Road waffle. This was my absolute favorite. Everything is just perfect in this waffle- the crunch from the nuts, the warmth of the waffle, the coolness of the ice cream. It just melts in your mouth and even writing about it makes me want to go back to the place to have some more!
They also have some cool shakes, coffees and coolers. I ended up trying their Belgian shake and Nutella shake. Both were made amazingly well with just the right amount of sweetness, nothing over the top.
The Belgian Waffle Co
The Belgian Waffle Co
Verdict: The Belgian Waffle Co is a must try for waffle lovers. The fact that they are so convenient to eat (you can eat them like a burger instead of containers that turn messy and soggy) so they are way easy to eat on the go too.
The Belgian Waffle Co
Price points: Around 500 INR for two people.
Rating: 4/5
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