Al Lazeezo, Sector-36- Review of the bistro in Chandigarh

Al Lazeezo

What do we look for when picking a place to eat? The food, obviously. But what else? Great ambiance, warmth and good presentation. Because certainly we need those drool-worthy Instagram pictures, right? One such place that ticks all the boxes is Al Lazeezo in Sector-36.

Located in the quaint sector amongst various coaching institutes, it is hard not to notice this place. Al Lazeezo is themed around Mediterranean cuisine. However, the menu offers you a variety to choose from even if you are not a fan of Middle Eastern food.

Interiors and ambiance: Now I feel so stupid not taking the pictures of the place since I must have complimented the owners multiple times as to how beautiful the place looked. Every corner of Al Lazeezo screams elegance. Choose any corner, it is worth taking a picture aside from being really comfortable. There are beautiful lamp lights in the place that give it an old world charm with a contemporary twist. There are cute little chairs with beautiful prints on them. Paintings depict the Middle Eastern culture (read Sufi Twirling) which really add to the feel of the place and nothing is out of place.

Food: Well, while waiting for company I decided to try out their Hazelnut coffee and it is certainly one of the best coffees I have had in Chandigarh. And that is saying something because I take my coffee VERY seriously.

Al Lazeezo Al Lazeezo







Next I tried the Falafel platter that consisted of the best pita bread I have ever had in Chandigarh and pickled vegetables alongwith a generous serving of hummus. I found the platter to be a bit dry but I guess that is how Mediterranean food is supposed to be.

Al Lazeezo

On to the next dish- a baked pink sauce pasta. For those who follow me on Instagram probably know about my undying love for pasta and this is one place that really gets it right. The best part? They used farfalle pasta (butterfly shaped pasta) in the dish. Generally places use penne or spaghetti or spiralli for their pastas. But this was a pleasant surprise for two reasons- one, it is a very beautiful pasta and two, in my personal opinion, farfalle seems to absorb the flavors of the sauce better. And also, there was just the right amount of cheese baked at the top of the dish. Just enough to not overpower the taste of the pasta.

Al Lazeezo

And finally for the dessert. We had three (yes, three!) different desserts. The first one was fruit cream which had array of exotic fruits and loads of cream but the surprise was a dash of cinnamon that was added to the dish to give it the extra lift.

Next, we had a sinful brownie with ice cream which was to die for. There were three of us who were trying to get theĀ  most out of it and yes, it was so worth it.

Al Lazeezo

Finally, we had blueberry muffins. These were cute as a button and tasted really fresh and delicious.

Al Lazeezo

Verdict: Al Lazeezo serves amazing food and everything else is just a bonus, from the sweet owners to the interiors. It definitely deserves a visit.

Rating: 4/5

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