7 things I miss about being in school


So I was just sitting today and reminiscing about old days when my stream of thoughts diverted towards school days. Now unlike most people, I don’t miss school. It is probably because I don’t hold on to people or things for too long. Maybe that is the reason why I don’t go to school reunions either. However, the people I do get attached to, I love them fiercely. But that is a discussion for some other day. So the things I miss about school or probably the memories that make me smile, in no chronological order-

  1. Shopping for new bag


Now, this is where is starts, right? New bag, new stationary, new books (my favorite) and new everything. To cover new books and read them before the session started (yes, I was a nerd even then) was probably my most favorite part of going back to school.

2. Being the class “monitor”


Oh the power we wielded! The best part of being the class monitor was that you had the ultimate power- whom to allot red stars and to whom the dreaded black dots. Lol. Being a monitor meant you were one step above the rest, the leader of the pack.

3. The blackboard


I don’t understand now our fascination with blackboards then. Kids till date fight for cleaning the blackboard, writing the homework and dusting the duster. Yes, I checked with my school going brother. And now it just sounds so stupid to be taking in so much dust and what not.

4. Girl and Boy…HAWW


In school, despite being in a co-ed, teachers used to make a boy and a girl sit together as “punishment”. This sounds so ridiculous now. Like if we are in a co-educational institution, why would sitting with a member of the opposite sex be a punishment? But of course that changes when you hit puberty and progress to higher classes. (**wink wink**)

5. Sports teacher


I think every kid has come across atleast one such sports teacher who would make a mockery of the English language and would be the butt of all jokes. Like I had one teacher who would constantly say, “Anybody can be making a noise” and till date I don’t understand what she was trying to say. Lol. Now, I know it is not right to make fun of people for trying to speak a second language but it was pretty damn funny then.

6. Morning assembly


The one hour we used to spend standing in scorching heat and harsh winters listening to “long lectures”. A lot of kids used to fight with each other saying they were “taller” only to get the opportunity to stand at the back to gossip with friends from other sections. And then there would be those kids of course, who would “faint” every time the assembly ran a bit longer than usual.

7. Tiffin


Okay, so this is my favorite. I remember when I was in school, whenever a kid used to forget his lunch box, the teacher would make the rest of the class give him a bite each from all of their tiffins. And I think sometimes kids would knowingly “forget” it at home. Because why not? You used to get served with all the tastes of India on a single platter.

Honestly, I tried “forgetting” my lunch box too but my mom is so perfect at her job, I would rarely go by without my precious “dabba”. Even though I am in fourth year of college now, my mom still packs me a healthy lunch which is great because this sharing of food ritual is missing from colleges. Because obviously, you can go to the canteen and eat greasy, unhealthy food. *SMH*

-Mrinaal Datt

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