5 Reasons I Broke Up with Facebook, and So Should You.


Facebook was the coolest thing in my life. A perfect pass time, a lot of social insights, some great content…everything that’s good! All, until a year ago. As my relationship with Facebook matured, I knew I had had enough of it. No, it was not an emotional outburst. Neither did I find someone else (Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat). I have some solid, logical reasons for falling out with Facebook.

  1. It’s Populated Now. Overpopulated.

Facebook is not the way it was a couple of years ago. Now our father and mother, uncles and aunties, and all the relatives that you can imagine of, are right there, experimenting!! And I dread them, and their experiments! I dread being tagged in creepy, religious posts. I dread their comments which are innocent, yet foolish! Can you believe, my mother would fancy to wish me birthday on Facebook, when I’m sitting in the room next to her. And the pics that follow, Bruh!


  1. It’s Polluted As Well.

Facebook is open to all, and that’s why it’s highly polluted. There are all sorts of people hiding behind their computer screens and spreading filth. And then there are stalkers, there are men disguised as women, women posing as men and all the crap that follows. There’s open racism, wild communalism. Worst part? There’s no restriction! Freedom of expression, huh? It’s no surprise social media these days can win you elections. You know, what I mean?! Its openness and free-ness is the power, as well as a major disadvantage of Facebook, and social media in general. And it’s not cool. At all.

  1. It’s Addictive.

Facebook is highly, HIGHLY addictive. Every time I posted something up on Facebook, what followed was a refresh of the browser window, every 2 minutes. And the red dot on the notification bar used to bring some real happiness. It made me sad every time it didn’t pop. Call it social media anxiety or whatever, but it was happening. After all, we live in times when the number of likes is a measure of your popularity. Facebook could not settle with likes, so they introduced some new ‘reactions’! Today, I only wonder how did I get 100 likes on every profile picture update, and a zero when I shared something extremely meaningful. This is how people on Facebook are!


  1. It’s All Commercial Now.

Facebook is not what we see of it. It’s just a small part of Facebook. It’s a business, and it has to make money. And, it has rapidly commercialised in the past few years. You can see a lot of sponsored content pinging up here and there, and it’s a bit disgusting. The worst part is that Facebook continues to show it to you, unless you do what they want you to do. It’s not cool at all.

  1. Posts Like these!

Do I even need to say anything about these?


Other reasons included the troubles of getting tagged at places I didn’t want to be, an intensifying drought of likes and a really annoying list of friends! So I just bid adieu to Facebook. It wasn’t a happy relationship!

-Vaibhav Jain

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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