20 Diamond Rules for Ultimate Well-Being by Ashraf Haggag

20 Diamond Rules for Ultimate Well-Being

Title: 20 Diamond Rules for Ultimate Well-Being

Author: Ashraf Haggag

Blurb: Life is like an equilibrium, composed of an equal amount of certainty and uncertainty. People who are truly successful at this experience accept the uncertainty and are equipped to deal with whatever life throws at them. Clarifying the different areas of our lives and looking at each of them is a way we can pull our heads out of the sand and stop pondering as to why things aren’t working out for us as we had hoped. Why do so many people feel discontent, despondent and look for answers in destructive ways when it seems they have everything going for them?

On the other hand, how can people from seemingly impossible situations rise up and lead inspiring, fulfilling lives, changing others along the way?
The answer lies in their psychology. Happy, successful people have a certain way of thinking, they understand what’s important in their lives, what makes them feel a certain way, what fills them up with gratitude, love, peace and calm and then they go about fulfilling these basic human needs by growing and contributing to the greater society.

20 Diamond Rules for Ultimate Well-Being

Review: If you have been around for some time, you know that I have previously reviewed two books by Ashraf Haggag- Echos of Culture in the Corporate Environment and Legends over Generations. 

However, 20 Diamond Rules for Ultimate Well-Being has my heart. This book is therapy for the soul. You know there are times when you are feeling down and out? And you require some dose of comfort and motivation? This book does exactly that. The 20 Diamond Rules for Ultimate Well-Being is inspirational without being over the top.

The fact that I like the most about the book is that it is not preachy. The book is innovative for it gives your practical solutions backed by research as to how to make your life more fulfilling. The problem with most self help books is that they lose track. They might give you the purpose to get things on track but they fail to tell you how. The result? You fall into the same trap.

But this is where 20 Diamond Rules for Ultimate Well-Being shines. There are studies and researches cited that offer nice ideas. Right from feeding your soul to feeding those around you, this book covers all aspects of life. So it lives up to its title- Ultimate well being. It is not merely centered around physical, mental or material health. But rather, it is a healthy combination of all these.

However, the book does falter in one area- editing. There are some glaring grammatical errors in the book. Perhaps the biggest one of them all is when in the chapter title the word Prioritization is mistakenly written Periodization. In my opinion, this is a serious goof-up. But it is a self help book so such mistakes can still be overlooked.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

-Mrinaal Datt

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